J80 Worlds - Santander, Spain - July, 4th - 11th, 2009

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      •  Real Club Martimo de Santander
      •  Federacin Ctabra de Vela Real Federacin Espaola de Vela
      •  Asociacin Internacional de J80 Asociacin Espaola de J80
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      •  Gobierno de Cantabria
      •  Ayuntamiento de Santander
      •  Puerto de Santander
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         Brittany Ferries
         Yates & Cosas
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         Gruas FAM
         El Diario Montas
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    Gustavo Martnez new leader

    Gustavo Martinez from Canary Islands, new leader. Too Gorostegui, Adrian Viudes and Carlos Martinez, leaders of the day.

    A magnificant score for Gustavo Martinez who now is standing first in the Championships that finish tomorrow in Santander. Yesterdays leader Rayco Tabares with his Princesa Yaiza (6-5-5) is second only two points from the leader.

    Both the Canary teams start tomorrow with a margin of 10 and 8 points respectably from the peraleja Golf, Carlos Martinez. Todays Northeast (050) conditions of 8 to 10 Knots was quite patchy, racers had to look for the wind patch in order to gain extra speed and positions. Again not until the forth try was todays start possible with black flag. Too Gorosteguis local knowledge, gave result, leading all the way. Gustavo Martinez after climbing a few positions, entered in second place. The second race of the day also had black flag after the second time. The Polaris World of Adrian Viudes was an example of good sailing and was first in all the marks. Gustavo Martinez was finally second, confirming his leadership. Not all has been easy for Gustavo Martinez, in two manoeuvres one of them he lost his crew member and in the other, he had a spinnaker fall in the water, ending in eighth position.

    The french Gwenole Gahinet is leading in the silver group with his Salsa APCC very near is Matrako of Ricardo Daz, only 1 point followed by Popea VII and Apprenti.com both 7 points from the leader.

    Overall Results after 10 races, 1 (discard)
    1- JJ Palmensi 4-2-3-2-(8)-6-6-2-2-8, 35 points
    2- Hotel Princesa Yaiza 1-1-1-4-8-(9)-6-6-5-5, 37 points
    3- Peraleja Golf 6-2-2-15-5-6-1-7-(25)-1, 45 points
    4- ECC Viviendas 7-6-1-1-(25)-9-1-12-3-7, 46 points
    5- Polaris World 7-10-6-(21)-1-12-2-8-1-3, 50 pointss

    ResulMore results: http://www.j80worlds2009santander.org/result.php

    J80 Worlds - Santander, Spain - July, 4th - 11th, 2009